Tuesday, March 21, 2006

First Dos

First pic of the cobbled together dos. As noted earlier, I've built it up as a sort of mongrel single speed for now to get some riding time in. Overall, the ride was pretty sweet. I still have to dial in the suspension because I wasn't getting enough travel out of the rear and the front was bobbing too much. The disc brakes are sweet and not nearly as grabby as a set I tried a few years ago. I've got a bit of squeal in the front break that I'll hopefully be able to get rid of with some use but overall still very nice.

I have many more pictures but blogger is being a bitch right now and won't let me upload more so cool your jets for now. Posted by Picasa


Jason said...

dude, looks sweet!
Brews above look good too.
Heard good things about the Otter Creek stuff.

Did you play with the negative air on the Reba? That could help your bob.

rick said...

haven't tried anything yet but wil be in short order