Monday, January 23, 2006

ss sunday

I missed out on some really nice riding days recently but yesterday was able to squeeze in almost 2 hrs on the ss road rig with mad mike.  With me having big fat cyclo-cross tires on pumped to 60 psi and he having nice skinny road tires pumped to 100 psi, I had a bit of trouble keeping up but it turned out to be a nice hard ride with lots of high intensity bursts and plenty of medium intensity grinding.  I’m really digging the Van Dessel right now but it was in desperate need of some tlc so after the ride, I trued both wheels, lubed the chain, adjusted the brakes and attached the rear fender more securely.  Eventually I’d like to replace the canti brakes, they are rip-offs from my brother’s first mountain bike I believe and this bike deserves better.  I may end up putting a set of v’s on that I’m not using anymore.  They’re probably overkill for a bike like this but I’d rather have overkill and underkill as I do now.

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