Thursday, January 19, 2006


While doing research for my DAMNelsons post today about nursery rhymes, I came across this beauty.

I love little pussy,Her coat is so warm,And if I don't hurt her,She'll do me no harm.So I'll not pull her tail,Nor drive her away,But pussy and I,Very gently will play.

Apparently this rhyme turns up in most major nursery rhyme books.  With stuff like this out there, it makes me wonder if what is on tv these days is so bad afterall.

On a cycling note, time was tight last night so I ended up doing the cyclo-core workout for 40 mins. while watching Brynna followed up by a 20 min spin on the trainer to finish things off.  This morning I was able to squeeze in most of the cyclo-core ab workout after my am jog with the pooch.  Hopefully this weekend will turn out nice so I can get a few road miles in as well.

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Jason said...

Now THAT is my kind of nursery ryme.