Wednesday, January 11, 2006


With the holidays past and the seemingly endless supply of fudge, cookies and pastries done its time to start dialing in the diet for the upcoming season. I'm working on upping my fiber content (which was fairly high to begin with but who couldn't use a bit more right?) since it helps me to curb my appetite and it scours the innards like a champ. The attached photo is a three bean soup that I make. The original recipe came from the can of one of the beans but I've refined it a bit. The recipe calls for a few pieces of bacon and a bunch of chicken broth that I prefer not to use so I omit the bacon altogether and cut the chicken broth in half and just substitute with more water and some more spices so that it isn't lacking in flavor. Basically its just kidney beans (light and dark) and cannelli beans, sun dried tomatoes, onions and a pant load of spinach. Good stuff and it really fills you up.

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