Monday, January 09, 2006

Had a great weekend of riding (at least for the winter). I managed to get in an hour on the trainer while watching the pats game. Who would've known that a football game would be such great motivation for the trainer. The hour went by super fast and I was able to work on cadence drills as well as some one footed pedaling to help smooth out that spin.

On Sunday I got to go for a 2+hr mountain bike ride. The trials were all snow covered but not so much that you couldn't ride. The whore frost (is that its real name?) was a bit of an issue in a few areas and caused some magnificent endos but overall the trails were great and we had a blast. The legs should be hurting today.

I also ordered a bunch of parts for the new dos niner on Friday. As it stands, I should be able to outfit the whole bike without a bit of shimano componetry. It'll be my first time useing a bunch of this stuff so I've got my fingers crossed.


Jason said...

He's back! Dos Niner? Cool. I wanted to get one, but having to get the new fork and wheels would blow. Trying to sell last years El Santo to pick up an oh-6. Not sure it'll happen. Later.

rick said...

Yup, the dos should be sweet. I'm excited about building it up. I'll be posting the build soon but as of now, there isn't one piece of shimano on the bad boy...should be interesting.