Wednesday, October 19, 2005

riding with pops

On Saturday my father's stock car race was rained out so I took the opportunity to sneak a mountain bike ride in. Marcy and I loaded up the fam and headed to my parents house so that I could ride on the park trails that are behind my parents place and so that Chance could run and pee with Pete, my parents dog. As I was getting ready to go I was suprised when my dad said that he wanted to go to. Little background here, my father just got a real mountain bike last summer. This is the first bike that he's owned since he was knee high to a grass hopper. Since getting the bike he has been getting out for a grand total of about 4-5 times a summer. For these reasons I was very suprised when he expressed interest in going. We live in the northeast and we have been getting buckets of rain recently so the trails (actually old dirt roads) were bound to be very wet and it was actually raining when we were getting ready. None the less he seemed excited to go so I was happy to oblidge. I obviously can't ride as fast as usual when he comes but thats ok cause I find bike rides a good way to catch up and enjoy each others company without one of us feeling the need to carry the conversation. Anyway, we got out for a very wet but not so muddy 1:15, chatted a bit and got some exercise. It was a good time and hopefully we'll get a chance to go out again before the snow falls.

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