Friday, October 07, 2005

hit the trails

Still no riding recently. The little bambino just won't allow it but I have found a way to get in some trail time none the less. We purchased a snuggli pack so that we can carry Brynna will going about our business and keeping our hands free. So, what I've started doing is after work I'll load up the car with Brynna, and chancy pants, drive over to the start of the trail down the road from the house, let the pooch run free and brynna and I will do some trail work. Its a very new section of trail that needs lots of raking/general clearing plus I'm putting in a few more routes to lengthen it a bit as well. Its not exactly riding but at least I know that its improving the trails for when I do get out plus I'm getting a bit of exercise and spending some time with Brynna. Plus it allows Marcy some free time to do as she pleases. All is good.

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