Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cross training.

No time for training so I lift heavy stuff instead.

450 lbs of love

In place. Ugh, my back hurts. Posted by Picasa

This sucker just about broke my back and nearly pulled the skin off of my office boy hands. Its completely installed now so I'll have to post that pic. It should be a big help this winter with they way that oil prices are. Of course when you figure in how much this biznatch cost me it'll probably take about 10 years to pay for it. It'll be mighty purty though.

I've also been trying to run with the dog every morning if I can drag my ass out of bed at 5 am. Sometimes thats tough though when Brynna keeps me up to 12-1 am some nights.

The final exercise that really gets the burn going is to do walking lunges while trying to soothe the baby. They work to calm Brynna down and lunges always kick my ass. A couple of trips the length of the house is about all it takes and I'm crying more than she is.

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Jason said...

I can remember doing squats with my son Brennan at night when he was that little.

Nice stove.