Tuesday, August 23, 2005

24 hrs of Great Glenn

Well, the 24 hour race at Great Glenn is over and not soon enough I might add. Rus and I finished fairly well with an easy second place in the two man division but since we won last year it was a bit of a let down. We both were suffering from intestinal distress during the overnight hours and pretty much mailed it in after about 4 am. We had a comfortable lead over third place and no chance of catching the leaders so we switched into damage control. I sort of regret that move now that I'm well rested and feel better but at the time we were both miserable and couldn't wait to be done.

Like we did last year, we have sworn to never do this race again as a two man, maybe a four or five person team but no chance of a two man again.

Well, last week I started thinking about maybe doing it solo next year. I must be retarded.

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