Friday, December 28, 2012

 When Good Parties Go Bad

My company holds on to a good tradition; a Christmas party that is actually fun.  I've heard that back in the old days things could get pretty wild but things have changed a bit.  Everybody is a teensy-weensy bit more PC and we have clients at the party so you can't let it all hang out BUT good times can still be had.  For a few years fun was had by all because of the copious amounts of jello-shots available and everybody has fun when jello-shots are around.

Case in point.  The party from a few years ago ended up with me in my coworkers dress when we went to an after party down the street.  Dudes were buying me shots all night at the bar.  I should do it more often.

Do I look drunk?  Didn't think so.

 Anyway, jello-shots were outlawed a couple of years ago because the staff got tired of cleaning up the mess (party poopers) and the last two parties were lame so I took it upon myself to create a covert jello-shot station that provide good times to at least the inner circle of fun folks.

 my contribution.  a fifth of vodka is in those cups.  yikes

Beers were drunk, shots were had and dancing ensued...

ummm, yeah.

and pants were rolled.  (it's something I'm trying to get to catch on.  for some reason, it isn't working...)

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