Monday, August 20, 2012

3 Down

It's now been 3 full weeks since I broke my hip and I'm fully engaged in the waiting game at this point.  Will the hip heal?  Will the bone die?  Will I go crazy as I watch one beautiful day after another pass by with me doing diddly squat? 

The good news is that the pain is very manageable at this point with just Tylenol so no more narcotics for me.  They didn't exactly make me feel good while I was taking them but I was terrified of getting hooked so I got off of those as soon as I could.  The bonus good news with that is I can now, officially, enjoy a frosty cold beverage again if the opportunity arises. And it arose this weekend.  3 times.

The other good news is that I think I'll be able to get into the gym soon.  I'm sure I won't be doing any hip related exercises (weight bearing at least) any time soon but if I'd like to stem the loss of my muscle mass.  At this point, three weeks in, I've already lost 9 lbs (which can partially be blamed on lack of beer consumption as well).  You'd think that I'd be happy to be losing weight but 9 lbs already is a bit much.  Look out gym rats, here I come!


jeff said...

you were looking kinda fat in those jeans last time i saw you.

when can you go weight bearing on the hip? 8wks? can you get on a spin bike then?

rick is! said...

partial weight bearing HOPEFULLY in another 3-5 weeks. I might be able to hit the trainer and gym before then. will know more tomorrow after my surgical consult.

Anonymous said...

Might want to hold off on the brews.
alcohol can affect blood flow to the

Anonymous said...

Might want to do some bone healing
nutrients esp 5000iu vitamin d,
and the co-factors, boron(makes bones
hard), k2 (tells calcium where to go)
zinc....check out
click on about vitamin d and check out co-factors

rick is! said...

anonymous, here are my responses:

1. Booo! Have actually cut back significantly.
2. Thanks I'll look into them.