Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Block

In late winter, when I checked off my planned races for this season, one important block of races stood out.  The Run Off, The Carrabassett Backcountry Cycle Challenge (I just call it the Carrabassett 60) and SS USA.  Three races that I wanted to key in on.  Well, The Run Off happened this past weekend with what I'll consider a successful outcome for me (I did beat two whole people and would have beat most of the expert field) and this weekend is the Carrabassett 60 (there are a lot of letters even in the shortened version) and I'm psyched.  Last year was the first ever C60 so it had it's hiccups but, overall, it was a super fun race even if I did want to shoot myself in the face in the last 8 miles.  Since then, the C Region NEMBA has been super busy improving and making new trails so that this year's version will be even better.  Personally, if they got rid of that one STEEP skidder road climb I'd be happy.

Once again, WillC is hooking us up with a sweet condo the night before which I'm sure will mean beers and tour watchage and very little sleep as it did last year.  Note to self, bring a fan this weekend.

Not much more to say so I'll leave you with this, a video recap of last year's race that I just found yesterday.  Enjoy.

(sorry, couldn't figure out how to embed this one)

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