Friday, April 06, 2012


Sorry to be out of touch for so long. The normal excuses apply but I have one more to add to the list, a "business" trip. There was some learning involved but there was also lots of getting down to business as well. A host with a healthy expense account will do that. I ran the first couple of days there but eventually the booze and lack of sleep got the better of me. I did ride one day but not in my normal sense.

That right there ladies and gentlemen was one of the best bull riding sessions of anyone there that night. Good enough to get my some high fives from the bull operator and some spectators. I was so good that I'm still sore from it 5 freaking days later. I used muscles that aren't intended to be used outside of the porn film industry and those muscles are still very, very angry that they were used on a bull. Lest you think it was easy, here are a couple of vids of my buds going as well.

Tim. Let's just face it, he's just not cut out for bull riding. Unless he's on bottom.

 Matt. Our gracious host fares slightly better but breaks his old man specs in the process.

 I sure do wish I had my go-pro with me.  the footage would have been thrilling.


Alby King said...

Where is dat??

rick is! said...

bloomington minn at cowboy jack's. no reason for you to EVER be there.