Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Been Away 

 Hey all. Posting has been sparse as usual recently partially because I'm lazy and partially because we were away on a mini family vacation. My buddy and I did sneak a couple of rides in while away. Ringwood State Park in nothern Joisey (New Jersey for you unhip folks) is the shit. Bone rattling, bowel loosening, prostate hemorrhaging awesomeness. I have a bunch of video to go through including not one, not two, but three endo's by kevin (rare form indeed) but nary a moment to spare to do so right now so I'll drop this one on you for starters.  It gives you a sense of what the trails are like and, as a bonus, shows one of Kevin's endos right at the very end.  Enjoy.

Trail map.  We barely touched what it had to offer in 2 hours of riding.


Linda said...

Ahh, my home turf! Used to love it up there at Ringwood when I lived it that area. Glad you got to check it out.

rick is! said...

seems like a good place to call your home turf.

eastwood said...

Looks like some sweet ass trails out there!!