Monday, February 06, 2012

Spare No Expense

Over here in RacinRick land, money flows like wine, sponsors throw themselves at me and the women - hoo boy, the women! A recession has never touched the land of RR. Oh so fortunate.

Here is a good example.  My winter shoes started to bit the dust a few years ago but instead of buying new shoes, I got a pair of shoe covers.  Those shit the bed in a year or two, but instead of buying new shoes or at least another set of shoe covers I taped them up with duct tape instead.  MacGuyver would be proud.  Sadly, two years of duct tape had them looking a bit ragged with everything but the top completely shredded. 

Any normal person may have just ponied up the $30 to buy a new pair of covers.  Me?  I just added another quarter roll of duct tape. 



Trevor said...

I think that duct tape shows real style....!


Linda said...

I have often said that the world's problems can be solved with 3 things; duct tape, vise grips and a plunger. Nice job!