Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lets Try This Again 

Yesterday, blogger gave me the high hard one and lost my post. I was uploading a video at the time so I'm guessing it timed out or just plain shit the bed and the autosave no workey. Oh well.

The legs finally feel like they're starting to come around.  I still feel like I'm WAY behind the 8-ball fitness wise compared to most seasons but at least I'm feeling an improvement.  I have no way to gauge said improvement but I believe it's there so that's all that matters.

More importantly, I'm now looking forward to riding again.  For a while I began to wonder if I even enjoyed riding anymore since I was constantly bagging rides and not really enjoying the rides that I did do.  Thankfully, I'm now out of that funk (I think) and am feeling good enough to push again.  The hours on the bike aren't great but their improving as well with 6 hours of ride time last week and another 3+ of running and core work. 

One weird thing about this winter is that I have zero interest in the road bike.  I'm sure that will change at some point but I've just been enjoying the snow bike too much.  The trails are pretty much ideal right now.  They've been packed, had some rain and a few freeze thaw cycles so they're hard enough to really rip on.  You just need to be aware if ice.  Take this morning for example, yesterday we got about an inch of fluffy powder.  Beautiful stuff that didn't pose too much of an issue for most of this morning's commute except for where it was hiding ice.  The current trail consistency is what I call frozen styrofoam.  It's hard-ish but still has some give under the tires so you're hearing a constant soft crunching noise as you ride.  It's when the crunching stops that you have to worry because you've likely just ridden onto ice.  I like to handle ice by screaming "don't panic!, DON'T PANIC! DON'T PANIC!" inside my head while I try to not panic.  Thankfully, today, I didn't.

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