Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's Mail This One In

Time is tight, I've got a big race this weekend.  What to blog?  What to blog?

The big throwdown at the Bradbury 12 is this weekend.  Alby and I (two non-established "elites") will be throwing down with Andrew Freye and Chris Gagnon, two established regional elites.  We named our team "The Freye Swatters" as if we will be able to pester Andrew and Chris.  The reality is we'll likely be little more than a minor nuisance that they will flit away with the brush of a hand.  Andrew is predicting the win for their team and named it accordingly; "You Got Freye'd".  We'll see boys, we'll see.

Last night, while doing a preride of the course, I came across Andrew and his new bride, Hattie, out for a newlywed ride.  Hattie, if you don't know, has gone from a newby to being one of the fasted expert women in the region in the matter of a couple of years.  I hate them both.  OK, not really.  Who could hate this?

Notice the look of tragic realization on Hattie's face?  
That's the "oh shit, I just became a Freye" face.

Andrew, on the other hand, realizes he's married up so he's STOKED!
Only time will tell how this whole thing shakes out.  For now, at least, we're getting some love from the race promoter for our name selections.  I hope that we at least beat Hattie's team, The Spotted Dicks...


Alby King said...

Yes, otherwise we'll just end up being the useless dicks. Few things are more tragic.

rick is! said...

spotted dicks sometimes become useless.