Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Great Adventure Challenge
Final Wrap Up

I've had a few people ask me recently what the f*ck is up with the blog. I drag my race posts out over a week, post infrequently and generally suck donkey ding dong? Well, my answer is that I am the definition of overextended right now. As I've mentioned before, work has been super busy all year so that's no surprise but my work load has increased AGAIN as I take on more responsibility AND take over some other people's work who can't seem to get it together. To add to that, I'm spearheading opening a new office in Portland more or less on my own so that's eating up a bunch of time AND (and that's a big freaking and) I'm a board member for a local non-profit which has been going through hard times over the last few years and we're in the process of turning things around. Add in family, house and riding and you might understand why things have been slack this summer. Just to be clear, I'm not complaining. All that stuff above is good stuff but at a certain point, something has got to give and it's been maintaining a moderately entertaining blog.

Anyway, back to the previously scheduled lazy ass blog post.

Heidi (Marcy's running teammate) finishing the run and solidifying 
"Landing the Pathological Smelts" #1 women's team victory.
Claire finishing the kayak and actually looking like she knows what she's doing (unlike me)
Marcy finishing the bike portion and making 
the fourth fasted women's ride of the day.
A congratulatory hug after Marcy's finish 
(I finished my run seconds before she came in on the bike)
we're obviously a very sweet couple based on the guy's
smile in the background.


Alby King said...

Nice job family Nelson. Work does go bi-polar with a stressed economy.

Linda said...

Keep on getting done what you need to get done and write as an outlet. You're doing a great job.

rick is! said...

I'm confused. a nice comment from alby (instead of smarmy) and a nice comment from linda (not uncommon). are people ending up on this blog by mistake?

Alby King said...

Dear Mr. Bipolar: It takes bipolar to know bipolar.

I'm here to help.

rick is! said...

and if I made a genuinely nice comment on your blog I'd expect the same concern.

Alby King said...

Lets get a room.