Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting Dirty

I'm in the midst of my biggest riding week of the year right now.  Still not exactly mind blowing miles or hours but pretty good for this poor schlub and enough hours to leave me feeling pretty beat during the Bathers ride last night. 

Since I have been having such a good week (and my legs are tired already) I've decided to forgo my morning runs with the pooch and do trail work instead.  As you may know, I marked out a couple of new trails over the winter and had intended to be working on them right now but this spring I spied a new potential route that was going to be at least as fun to ride and way the frick easier to build so I've turned my attention to the low hanging fruit.  Now, after multiple passes with the loppers, some brush clearing and some raking, I'm getting dangerously close to being able to ride it.  A pass with the weed whacker in spots, some bench cuts and a bit more raking and it will be done.  By the end of the long weekend?  Hopefully.

this section has green growy things that I need to remove but looking good


some bench cuts needed here.  but doesn't that look fun???

ginormous oak tree that the trail passes under.  I wonder
how much I could get for that sucker?


Anonymous said...

Nice work...... it looks fun, because twisty fun....and most important Mr Fursays so.
Sooooooo you can *carve* some tracks round where you are?
Very regulated, revulgared here....

rick is! said...

Most of the trail is on our property. Not quite all (and not quite most) but at least some is on our property so it's all good...

Anonymous said...

Ah.... I see. Have property envy now. ;-|