Monday, May 09, 2011

Finally Pulled the Trigger

As most of you know, I've been hemming and hawing about a purchase for quite some time now.  First I'd be dead set on the purchase and then I'd get cold feet because I didn't want to spend the money.  Then I'd see one again, get all moist in the loins and decide, once again, to get one only to have the shine of my lust corrode in front of me as I considered the money once again.  Finally, Marcy made the unfortunate (fortunate) mistake of running into the salesman in the grocery store the other day.  24 hours later we had this bad little boy:


As you can imagine, the bike purchase will be put off indefinitely unless I shit a golden nugget.  Landscaping here I come!

The weekend wasn't all agricultural bliss though.  We also had mamma's day on Sunday.  Marcy and I took all of the mothers and grandmothers out to brunch and in one fell swoop, had all but one visit taken care of.  Why didn't we think of that sooner???

Item number two on the to do list of the day was for marcy to get a ride in and for us to tire the pooch out.  A tired dog equals a happy family.  To get the deed done, we headed to Rancho de Nelson and dragged my brother and father out with their dog while my mom watched B and went flower (dandelions)  picking.  There was lots of bitching from my brother but we all made it out, did an out and backy type ride to avoid roads (since we had two dogs) and had a good ole time.

Marcy clearing a very rocky and steep climb.  It's much worse than it looks.  
I think this may have been her first time clearing it (my bad, Marcy has made 
this one several times.  it was the climb at the end that she cleared
for the first time).  D-boy (my bro) toppled over at the top while trying to
unclip.  Sadly, no photo.

the pooches enjoying a brief water break. inshape dog = ours
fatty boobalatty = my parents

speaking of fatty boobalatty!  D-boy, not Marcy! somebody 
needs a manssier.

the walk of shame up on of the hills. to be fair, we all walked this one.

cresting the day's biggest climb.  this is at the top where it levels out.  
just into the tree line below is one hell of a bitchy pitch


Alby King said...

Keep it up dude - I'm tellin' ya she's gonna go Dolores Claiborne on you.

Alby King said...

Nice tractor BTW. Makes want to retaliate with a Kubota... and a barn.

Lucy has had chickens on the mind for awhile too. Not like Ava uses the playset = almost instant housing.

rick is! said...

don't know what the hell dolores claiborne means. time for a bit o googling.

Miff said...

Oh my...Jaman will be beside himself. Schweeet tractor toy.....can you use for single track making too....Miff

rick is! said...

double track, yes. single track, no.

Trevor Woodford said...

Lovely tractor...I would love to play on that..!