Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter is Coming!  Winter is Coming!

At least that's what you'll think if you watch any news this morning.  We're expected to get another 6-8" (ba-da-bum!) starting tomorrow morning.  For Maine that's essentially a dusting but it doesn't stop folks from freaking out.  Me?  I'm excited that the snowmobile trails will be in better shape so I can get all Mukluky on their asses.  Today is a Mukluk commute on the crunchy snow that's been on the ground for weeks.  It'll either be super fun with me zipping along making that familiar (to me at least) styrofoamy zipper crunch or it'll be a hell on earth post holey death (notice how many words I can change by putting a "y" at the end.  I'm a clevery son of a bitchy (I actually didn't even mean to put the Y at the end of clever, habit now I guessy)) if the preserve trails have seen some foot traffic.  I suspect it'll be a blast.

To prepare for the upcoming snow, we had B out shoveling in her rock star best.

I see wood peckers.  (she leaves her fingers exposed for better butt/nose access.  clever girl)

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