Thursday, January 20, 2011

Whatcha Gonna Do?

It's Maine and it's winter so it's no big surprise that riding has been tough for the last five days.  It's been snowing constantly this week.  That means no trails are packed enough to ride and it's too darn dangerous to ride on the road right now and I'd rather have a glass tube shoved up my pee hole than ride a trainer so I've been subsisting on snowshoeing and body weight exercises instead.  Thankfully, the snowshoeing is sweet right now and we have trails literally right out our front and back doors so the exercise can be plentiful and convenient.  What else can I say about snowshoeing?  Er, not much.  

two of my favorite snowshoe mates gettin some lovin
Run time: 1:00
Ride time: 000
Ride distance: 00 miles

Total run time: 4:15
Total ride time: 5:05
Total distance: 46 miles

weight: 189 (three days in a row below 190 and down 8 lbs from a couple months ago.  eat it jason and barlow)


Jason said...

OK, I hate you and your 8 ephing pounds. But I will say that I am down 5.2 pounds just since Jan. 1. So suck it. Before you know it, I will be out of my elastic waste band jeans from Wal Mart!

What else can you say about snowshoeing? How about how long have you been getting out for? What kind of pace? For shitz have you ever worn a HR monitor to compare exertion?

"Thankfully, the snowshoeing is sweet right now" Thanks.

I'm kidding of course. Saw a good deal on some pretty decent shoes and want to pick up, but want to see if they would be worth it.

rick is! said...

shut up fatty. there isn't much to say since I'm not going out for long or going hard. just going.

Jason said...

LOL! I just spit double fudge cake out my nostrils.

Alby King said...

I am about to launch into a bitch session about my lack of training as well. Different reason though: Interesting woman = interesting life = full time daddy duty for several days = less riding. Let's hope her hard work gets her so far up the ladder I won't hafta work.

Suppose I should appreciate that my little girl still likes hanging out with me. That'd be grown-upish.

PS: down about 10 lbs from same time last year.

the original big ring said...

Is that 189lbs with or without your purple g-string?
I'm not fat, my mom says I am big boned.

rick is! said...

obr, that's a stupid question (remember there is no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid people asking questions), I NEVER take the G-string off.