Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thrilling Video

On Tuesday, KillBill and I mounted our snow bikes and hit up the Route 66 snowmobile trail system in Damariscotta.  With all of this year's snow, the abundant snowmobile traffic and the fantastic grooming (we were on miles of freshly groomed trail for a while and the groomer came out again while we were at the apex of our loop) the riding was sublime.  Not fast but still perfect conditions for the fat tired bikes.  KB and I managed to kill 2:15 hours in temps ranging from 12 degrees at the start to 5 degrees at finish and managed to keep everything but our feet warm.  Not bad.

KillBill trying to warm his feet.

This was my first real snowmobile trail ride with the Mukluk.  I had been getting a bit depressed that so much of the season had passed already and I hadn't been able to find the time to ride the great trails in our area but it's looking like the opportunities will be opening up on a regular basis with KB and I deciding to try to hit them every Tuesday night.  Good times are a here.

Run time: :50
Ride time: 00
Ride distance: 0 miles

Total run time: 7:55
Total ride time: 9:10
Total distance: 71 miles


Alby King said...

Have you ever seen so much flipping snow?!! I have but not around here. And there wasn't this much in the valleys in VT - it was on top of the freaking mountains.

Most of our back roads are one-laners now. It's starting to get silly.

rick is! said...

interestingly, we're tracking right about normal for maine right now. we've just gotten a lot in a short period of time. one more storm would put us over the edge though.