Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not It's Intended Use

Every Christmas, when my family gets together, we always play a bit of snow softball regardless of the weather and do a bit of full contact sledding.  Nothing too serious, basically just trying to stuff your fellow sledders faces in the snow.  All in all a good time. 

This year, after we had been sledding for a bit, one of my brothers glanced over at the Mukluk (of course I had it with me, it doesn't leave my side.  takes up a lot of room in bed though) and suggested that it would be fun for me to follow them down and try to run over them as they were sledding.  Not one to back down from a challenge, I accepted.  It was kind of scary for me not knowing how the bike would react and not wanting to drive a pedal into one of my family's heads and apparently it was terrifying for those on the sleds as well.  The THOUGHT of it was scary even if the actual event wasn't.  Other than one chainring to the back (see video number 4 and photo above) all came out unscathed.  video links  (hopefully my brother made the videos public).  According to my father and brother, the Mukluk's tires felt like nice soft pillows as they rolled over you.  Next time I'll have a bash guard on instead of the big ring.  Who needs those on a bike that rarely reached 15 mph anyway?


Yeti Ken said...

Are you really wearing gators on your Mukluk?

rick is! said...

of course. who doesn't?

remember, i started out sledding first and I H-A-T-E snow getting up my pants. I'm a nancy boy...