Friday, December 10, 2010


I rode last night but I don't feel like writing about that right now. Instead, I'll enrich your day with the last batch of Christmas party photos from my friend Tina. Nothing too exciting but you get to see lots of pants rolling. I almost got a thing going with three others doing the roll but, sadly, I didn't get the critical mass needed to start a new trend.

This was the only time Marcy would be seen with me all night.  It's almost as if she were embarrassed... apparently this was early enough in the night that Party Rick hadn't come out yet.
lessee here, a client and a lighting designer got into the fun.  and somehow I'm wearing someone else's sport coat over mine.  I'm just CRAZY!
even the big boss joined in.
aaaaannnnnddddd another horrifying picture of me "dancing".
To add to this bevvy of embarrassing shit, there are also two videos of me from the night floating around.  I've seen one and nearly died of mortification.  I haven't seen the other but I can only assume that it's a gem above reproach.  I don't have the strength to post them now but if I get desperate, they might show up next week.

Oh and I was informed last night that a couple of large Mukluks are destined for Bikeman.  Anybody need a kidney?  I'll sell you one for the approximate cost of a snow crushing super bike...


the original big ring said...

Yeah, I can see why you NEED to have custom stickers made up. You're just so damn cool.

Address please so that I can send you some Jebus lovin.

rick is! said...

Iz got the moves!