Tuesday, December 07, 2010

And It Continues

As I mentioned yesterday, I suspected that more photos of Saturday's Christmas party would surface. I was mostly a good boy so I'm not too embarrassed and, lets face it, I've posted pics of me sitting on the toilet, in a dress and in a skirt before so these are anything but embarrassing. Anyway, just like a big bobber (The Big Bobber ~~ The kind of poop that no matter how many times you flush it always floats back to the surface) these were sure to emerge.

this pic of me doing the Elaine may look blurry but, in fact, that's how it looked in real life.
getting down with a co-worker.  noticed the pants rolled up for who the hell knows why...

and me with three of my co-workers.  there was a plan afoot for everyone to wear little black dresses so I'd have plenty to chose from later in the evening (ya know, because of last year). Like I said, I was a good boy though and kept my shit together.  No cross dressing for me! 

So, as always happens, since I proclaimed that from now on I don't care if I ride or not, I was able to nab an early morning ride today in our first snow fall of the season. More on that tomorrow.


Miff said...

Oh my.... you delivered....pictures. IT happenend.
Nice work Racin Rick Cuttin single track like moves on da dance floor.
And um yeah, what the, was was with the cuff on the pants..... guess they getting in the way of bustin moves.... ;-)

rick is! said...

the pants rolled up thing was me trying to "shake things up". I'm a wild and crazy guy...