Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New Addition

I'd like to introduce you all to the newest member of the Nelson clan. Autumn Red Leeka Nelson. That right there my friends is the type of name you get when you give full naming rights to a 5 year old. I guess we should be thankful that B didn't name her Booger Poop Snickerdoodle. Small victories. We adopted Autumn from the local shelter after she spent most of the summer living on the rough and tumble streets of Waldoboro. She's skinny as a rail and has virtually no training but she is a total sweetheart and is a quick study. Day one involved three pees and two poops in the house (we refused to jamb her in a crate until she was comfortable with it and she would pee and poop IMMEDIATELY after being taken for a walk). Day two had zero in house relief. VICTORY! Day three (today) she'll probably shit and projectile vomit all through the element but we'll always Monday. Oh glorious Monday.

I'm in the process of training her to be civil both on and off leash and to run behind me (unlike Chance) so that she'll make for a good biking companion.  Of course, she's got a bunch of hound in her so only time will tell if her nose will take over for the brain once she's off leash.  For now, I'm just happy that she's not a dominate male like Chance and isn't trying to mount my head any chance she gets!


Jason said...


Congrats and enjoy.

rick is! said...

thanks man.

Trevor Woodford said...

Hi Rick
What a great addition to the family - and what a brilliant name....!

Groover said...

Great name for a great dog! Here is for full naming rights to a five year old! Well done!

rick is! said...

thanks all. one giant dump on the upstairs carpet last night. Joy!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm starting to get a serious case of pooch envy. Seems everyone but ME, is getting some fur love in fur kids!
Well done, and extra especially since you decided to go to a shelter. Lucky Autumn!
Miff ;-)