Friday, October 08, 2010

Problem Solved

During the summer my Garmin Edge 305 became an annoying little bitch. Just like the first unit that I had, this one developed a major bump/vibration aversion. As you can imagine, this was a bit of an issue on both the road and trail. Enough of an issue that I didn't even use it for the last 2 months. A while back, I was able to have my first unit replaced by Garmin but this time they wanted $89 (plus shipping) to give me a refurbished unit that was probably going to develop the same issues as the first two.  Not gonna happen.  So, instead I did a bit o googling and found a website that led me how to fix the problem myself since it all comes down to a faulty design that allows the connectors to loosen.

I didn't do the whole soldering routine that he suggested (that shit inside is TINY despite how huge they look in his pictures.  He must have been using the Hubble telescope to take those pics!) but I did create a rubber spacer out of an old tube to hold things tight.  A little rubber cement (and a bit of tape for the time being) and it was back together in 15 minutes.

A two hour ride later in the day in Falmouth makes me believe that it actually worked.  Only time will tell but at least I'm able to post a ride map for the first time in ages.

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