Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hair of the Dog

I have been a seriously hurtin eunuch (that's supposed to be a play on "unit" but it just doesn't look right written out) this week.  Saturday's race really thrashed my body.  More so than any race I can remember doing.  Ever. (that would explain the race post titles) The overall duration of the race was nothing really.  At just over 2 hours, I still had plenty of gas in the tank when finished but the run down the mountain?  That's where the damage was done.  At the time, the hike up hurt but the 10 minutes of constant pounding on the way down totally destroyed my quads.

Sunday, when I got up, I was a bit sore but I was busy all day so it wasn't all bad.  Monday, though, was a different story.  Walking was painful, going down stairs was absolutely brutal but worst of all was trying to sit on the can.  With screaming and incredibly weak quads doing the sit manuver was seriously difficult.  If you had a hidden cam in our office bathroom (shame on you!) you'd see me awkwardly shuffling around trying to brace myself with one hand on the back of the toilet and the other on a wall, vanity, whatever in a desperate attempt to not scream as I tried to sit.  Lets just say that I got lots of funny looks at work this week and leave it at that.

Tuesday I tried a bit of a commute to loosen things up.  The ride went fine as long as I didn't stand or hit bumps or change direction quickly.  Yesterday I just said f-it and did nothing again but was happy that by the end of the day I could climb stairs without crying out loud.  This morning, I decided to really hit the hair of the dog that bit me and went out for a quick "run".  Calling it a run would be an extreme overstatement.  Calling it an old man shuffle would be much more accurate.  But, but, but, it did help to loosen things up and allowed me to stretch this morning.  Hopefully I'm on the upswing since I've got an important race this weekend as I try to seal my overall expert title in the EFTA series.
ouchie mama!


Hill Junkie said...

Eccentric muscle contraction will get a cyclist every time. You described my situation after hiking Monadnock a week ago. My wife, who runs regularly, had no problems.

rick is! said...

leave it to you to either know everything or be able to find anything! :)

I run regularly but it still shelled me. I think that downhill was much too steep to easily train for.

Anonymous said...

Miff; Ok, I'm not laughing too much...with you as well....maybe a little at you, but not much not.... Oh yeah! Doesn't it hurt. I was a pedestrian pace for a week too. Reading your run leg part, had me grimacing, and thinking, oh thats gonna hurt. Our quads are not used to the lengthening....that long downhill run would have been the icing on the quadcake. I actually find it easier running uphill...! Oh an one more need tape for those legs, they are runner ripped now ;-)