Friday, August 20, 2010

Brick x 2

Yesterday was supposed to be my second brick training day with a mountain bike ride followed by a run. Unfortunately, I forgot about a company bbq we had scheduled at 4 with burgers and beer. I figured I'd just nibble a bit of food, maybe have one beer and then sneak out at 5. Instead, I got there at 4:45 and managed to have two cheeseburgers and two beers by 5:15. Yeah, the ride was gonna suck after that.

The commute sucked donkey d*ck for the most part but I did seem to snap out of it towards the end of the ride but with two beers and two burgers in me, the run motivation just wasn't there so I bagged it and spent some time with the spud instead.  There is nothing like hearing belly laughs from your kid to bring you out of a funk.

The other day, while riding home, I came across two guys with metal detectors checking out the many old, stone foundations near my house looking for valuables.  One guy had found a gold coin from 1847 (not nearly as nice as the one pictured above) in one of the foundations and panicked a bit when he thought I might be the land owner.  I wasn't sure if I should be pissed that they were there or not but it did get me wondering if they had been rooting around in the stone foundation on our property which, it so happens, is the nicest in the area that I've seen.  So yesterday I went to check it out and found it unmolested.
I'm a bit conflicted about the foundation. It has some beautiful stones that would work really well for some of the landscaping we've got coming up but I hate to destroy a piece of history but, for years, people have been stealing stones from our property's (before we owned it) various stone walls and foundations so, if we don't use it, will someone else take it? It's located close enough to the road to make them easy to steal and we only drive by it maybe once a week so no good could be happening and we might not even know until it's too late. Rationalization? Maybe.

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