Monday, July 19, 2010

No Race Report

Sorry, no time for a proper race report today from The Horror at Harding Hill. That'll come tomorrow but I will give you a quick rundown. The weekend was awesome. The fam and I headed over to New Hampster Saturday morning, got a campsite and Marcy and B went to the pool while I hit up two laps on the race course. Lap one left me despising the course but I actually somewhat enjoyed it on the second lap. A good warm-up is key to experience I guess. This is not a course that I'd ever go to just to ride but for a race it seemed ok. There was, however, lots of smooth-ish, long power sections followed by climbs. Uh oh, that's really not my thing this year.
 One of the open-ish climbs.  I never did get any pics of the many skidder roads.

and a bit of nice single track.  not quite enough though.

back at camp, Marcy headed over to ride the course while B and I did a bit more swimming and made dinnah over the fire and then stories by the Coleman light.

6:15, bright and early, B was ready to hit the pool.  Too bad it didn't open until 9 and we had to be at the race venue at 8:30.  :(

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