Friday, June 18, 2010

The Student Becomes the Master

In case you haven't noticed, I've mentioned about a dozen times that KillBill has given me a few pointers on how to rip the descents and I've been sure to give him lots-o credit. Well, that's all gonna change after seeing the pics from this weekend's race. The two pics were taken at the bottom of the Plunge, the uber steep, wicked fast drop right before the finish line.

At first glance, all looks fine except, maybe I'm in a more agro position but otherwise, things look fine.  But look more closely.

me? no brakes.  all speed.

KillBill?  all brakes, all the time.
Next week I'll be giving KB a lil lesson of his own... :)

Note, all photos were stolen from:
 Please don't tell! :)


Anonymous said...

LOL...except my brakes were designed by Greg Minaar to have 90% of the power in the last 30% of the throw. Coupled with toasted rear pads, you'd see my hands in that position a majority of the time...

rick is! said...

I took my pads out before the race. just sayin...

Miff said...

Handfuls of brakes.....thats how we pick the 'roadie MTBer'.

I would be bombing down that as well, it looks awesome.

Do your fingers get cramps?
Look at their have finger poise....ready for attack of the brakes.....ha ha.


rick is! said...

I do finger extension exercises for just such circumstances.