Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Wish I Had Something

I wish I had something to write about today but I aint got much. Riding time has been down recently but I'm feeling refreshed and ready to rip at a moments notice. Hopefully tonight will be one of those moments. Hopefully a multi-hour mtb ride will be in order.

As the summer progresses, I've been trying to up my running. It's pretty easy for me to get up in the morning and go for a quick run before getting ready so I've been doing that as often as possible but up until this week, the runs have been pretty short, in the 20 minute range. This week, I've started to extend the runs so that when my off road tri comes up in August I won't be sucking wind on the 1.5 hour mountain run.  This morning saw me out for about 45 minutes including a run up Mt. Hunger which isn't really a mountain by even the most relaxed definitions but it's all I've got handy and it's only a 15 minute run from my door so it works in perfectly with my "training" plans.  Multiple intervals up that thing will be in order in the next month.  Ugh.  I can't believe that I've sworn off bike intervals this summer but here I am talking about doing running intervals.  Quick, somebody find a t-square and impale me on it!  Just kidding, architects haven't used t-square (or even pencils) for fricken years.  Better just bludgeon me over the head with my computer.  That'll do the trick.

Oh yeah, what is the pic above?  Well, Marcy and I are iced coffee fiends and one of Marcy's friends bought her one from DD last week and gave it to her in this ridiculous looking, "I'm white trash!" screaming insulated mug.  We couldn't imagine carrying it around so I stickered it up to make it a bit less gauche.  (can't believe I just used gauche).  Why am I mentioning it here?  To be honest, I have no frickin idea but I needed to fill space.  Mission accomplished.


Miff said...

Space filler.
We, well I have been training for an XC duathlon, 5km run, 40km MTB, 5km run. ......I do the run, Jaman does the MTB leg.... I have to say I lurve the running...... it's a closet thang, but I run 4/5 times a week.....those intervals will hurt bad...but be oh-so-good!
Running has killed my sprint. But oh has it given me some punch in my climbs and endurance..... Miff

Jason said...

I prefer to be strangled with a mouse cord.

The off road Tri site says that it's "Extreme". Yikes!

Enjoy the run.

rick is! said...

"not overly extreme" you silly goose.

the original big ring said...

nice misfit sticker

rick is! said...

yeah, thanks for that b.r. I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do with the picture of you in your undies...