Monday, June 14, 2010

At the Pinnacle

NECS #4, the Pinnacle was yesterday (Sunday). It was a hoot of a course with lots 'o climbing, a wicked fun descent and a metric shit ton of competitors. I won't get the race report up for today (that'll come tomorrow) but I would like to give a shout-out to the peeps I saw yesterday that (I realized later) I may have given a bit of a brush off to because of the general craziness of the day. Tons of people around, my family there, some college friends who showed up to see us, yada yada yada had me feeling like a bit of a douche this morning. Most of the people who I had to rush conversations with were probably secretly happy that I had to run off but just for the sake fluffing my ego (thinking that they were all extremely hurt) here are the folks who I'd like to say sorry to:

Laps. (sorry dude, I think I rushed not one but two conversations. I'll be seeing you again soon right?)
ThomP. (though he was so busy laughing nervously and taking video of every elite rider in sight that he probably doesn't even remember talking to me).
George W.
Will C.
Freye Guy. (not only did I have to rush off while we were talking but I also briefly forgot his girlfriend's name when I met here out on course. Hattie, I did remember it just as I got out of earshot. I blame this on lack of oxygen getting to my brain since I was mid climb at that point)
Colin and Kevin. (I was in such a rush that I didn't even introduce myself to them. Not that they know who I am...)
Steve and Amanda. (wait, I did talk to you guys. Amanda, I hope your hand is OK)

there are probably others but I'm blanking right now. Race report tomorrow.

pre-race warm-up with B


Wheels said...

Make no apologies for that BIKEMAN swagger. Nice 3rd.

rick is! said...

that bikeman swagger is totally lost in those huge fields. somewhere around 65 in the expert field.