Monday, April 26, 2010


Ok, this week is already shaping up to be a ball buster so it's speed blog time. Crit yesterday. Me? Cat 5 that begged and pleaded with USA Cycling to be upgraded to Cat 4 just so that I could do the A race in this crit series. Everybody else? Cat 4's, cat 3's and some freaking-a fast cat 2's. Tried a couple of efforts during the race including two semi contested sprints and one bridge up to a breakaway. The rest of the race was me sitting in and marveling at how hard it was to just be in the field. You get a pretty strong draft from a 50+ man (and four freaking fast women) field and I was still working hard. My top end fitness isn't where it needs to be but a few weeks of this and the tuesday night Brunswick ride and I should be in a better place.

all photos courtesy of Don McEwen

Notice anything from these last two photos? Yeah, there are dozens of pics of me with my mouth agape and this is just sitting in the pack.

In this pic I'm back on the left. If you look close you can see me making an ooooooooo face. Pack riding can lead to many pucker inducing moments. Usually it's just my butt that puckers but in this case, my lips followed suit.

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