Thursday, February 04, 2010

Chubby Hubby

Yikes! I knew this day was coming. My day of reconing. Marcy finally got a new battery for our weight/body fat % scale and I stood on it for the first time in months this morning and what I saw was sobering, not entirely unexpected, but sobering none the less. My weight now, after a couple cups of coffee is hoving dangerously close to two bills. 199.6 to be exact. Yikes indeed. My weight has steadily been creeping up from roughly 180 lbs about a year and a half ago. The primary culprit has been the house construction. With less time to ride and much more stress (and stress eating/drinking) it was inevitable.

I think my course to success will be fairly simple and somewhat painless. First, I need to increase my ride time. Uh, duh! But with the race season less than three months away I now have the motivation to kick it up some. This past weekend's ride were a good kickoff. Secondly, I need to cut back on my nightly beer. Another duh moment. Two to three beers a night can really add up. And three, my nightly snack. After three beers I tend to get the munchies so once I cut the beer out, I'll also be able to cut out the snacks. All together that's probably 4-600 calories a night. Not something to be trifled with.

Consider the weight loss process (not a diet) begun.


Hill Junkie said...

When I built our house in Michigan in 1989, my weight went down significantly. By that time, I had completely adopted the sedentary lifestyle. I put in on average 6hrs per day working on the house over a 10 month period. That was probably the peak of my upper body fitness and flexibility. Hanging 4'x12' sheets of blue board by yourself will do that. When the house was done, I shot up to 230 lbs. Now I'm at the best cardio fitness of my life, but woefully out of shape in most other areas.

rick is! said...

I was in such good shape when the house construction started (in the middle of a race season when I was in peak form) that there was no place for me to go but down. In fact, now that I think about it, that summer was my lowest weight since high school. This is just the motivation I need to get my act together.

the original big ring said...

bahahaahahahaaaa . . . welcome to the club fatty!

I say forget the dieting and eat more! Think about it . . . he clydesdale category isn't that big (in terms of field), more chance of doing better I say!

bring on the feed bag!

rick is! said...