Monday, December 21, 2009


Today's post needs to be brief. I didn't ride a lick this weekend but that doesn't mean that nothing interesting happened so, for today, I'll be giving you the cliff notes version and hopefully later in the week I'll be able to go in more detail.

Friday night was my company's Christmas party. Most christmas parties are pretty lame but not ours. Imagine 150 people, most of whom are in the construction biz, in an opera house with a bar and 500 free jello shots. Now imagine me doing severely stupid things just to make people uncomfortable. What type of things you might ask? Well, how about grinding with dudes or licking the bare shoulder of one of my female co-workers? AND THEN things really got interesting when we closed the party down and went to one of the bars downtown where I ended up in the dress and tights of one of my other female coworkers and had guys buying me shots all night. None of them got lucky though.

Saturday night, while nursing a mighty hangover, was a ping-pong-a-palooza at the ranch with much merriment and drinking. I could only manage to gag down one beer but most of my friends got lit.

Much more to come.


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rick is! said...

yeah. I'm guessing you're jealous I didn't grind up on your leg. maybe next year if you're lucky.