Saturday, October 03, 2009

I Dream of Cyclocross

I don't know why but just before I woke up this morning I had a dream that I was in a cyclocross race. I and all of the other riders were actually on mountain bikes but I knew it was a cyclocross race because of two reasons. 1. you know how sometimes in a dream you just know something? that was the case. 2. I kept passing the same point on the course every 38 seconds and the only bike racing format that considers a 3.2 minute lap to be perfect is cyclocross.

Since I bagged the last mountain bike race of the season I've been thinking of ways for redemption and the first way that I've though of is by doing the Casco Bay Cyclocross race in Portland this month. is the title sponsor, it's a first year event AND it's put on by the same folks who promote the Bradbury 12 so I know it will be a quality event. Shit, Casco Bay Sports also organizes a dodgeball league so who could even question them???

Anyway, I'm thinking of toeing the line but I'm not sure since I'd need to race my ss el mariachi with 2.1's which isn't exactly the recipe for cross success but then again I threw that recipe in the garbage ages ago.

By the way, I chose the pic that I did because, during my dream I was always running for some reason (and being passed by racers with flat front tires). I guess I don't expect to be too fast anyway.


Wheels said...

This dream will turn into a nightmare if you race on a mountain bike because I will personally heckle you until you cry.

rick is! said...

I cry surprisingly easily so it shouldn't take long...