Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frozen Digits

This morning's commute marked the first official frozen digits day on the bike. By the end of the day temps are supposed to climb into the mid 50's which will be pretty sweet but when I walked out the door at 5:15 this morning it was 30 degrees. Basically the worst possible temp out there. Do I wear the thick gloves and sweat my hands off or do I go with the thinner long fingers and potentially freeze the bejezus out of them? Same with the core. Wear the jacket or not wear the jacket? If the temps were 5 degrees either way than the decision would be easy but for some reason (maybe because I don't have gear for this temp) temps hovering around freezing always throw me for a loop.

Given my indecisiveness today I decided to start with my cool weather gloves and jacket and then I would shed them once I got warmed up. The plan worked well until shortly getting back on the road when my finners started to get a bit nippy. Oh well. The bod with adjust soon.

Other than that it was a typical commute. I hit up some trails on the way (these trails will be pretty sweet with a bit more traffic) and some road. I had to cut out the last few sections of single track since I was running slim on time. I can't wait til I figure out my insomnia thing. I've been sleeping (or to be more accurate, not sleeping) like crap recently so I've been reluctant, and sometimes without the required energy, to get up early to ride and with the work pressure being what it always is, I can't extend the rides much after dawn so I'll enjoy my 1:15 commutes for now and dream of when I can once again extend them to the 2-3 hour range.

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