Friday, August 14, 2009


Not much to report today (shocking!) other than I'm heading to the Camden Snow Bowl after work today to do my first recon for the race there in another two weeks. I can't believe we're halfway through August and this is the first time I've headed that way this summer. Freakin' sad. The Snow Bowl used to be my usual haunt when I worked in Camden and I would typically ride there at least once a week and sometimes two. The trails there are sweet, technical and there is lots of climbing so if you rode it regularly and hit it hard, it was perfect prep for just about any mountain bike race you might be getting ready for. It's probably no surprise that I was fastest when I was riding there. Of course, when I rode there regularly I didn't have a mini-me running around either so training time was relatively abundant and I could fairly regularly get in 10-15 hour weeks. Compare that to my 4-6 hours these days and I guess I should be thankful that I'm able to race slightly faster than a steaming pile of poo.

Anyway, I've gotten off topic. I'm psyched to be heading there this afternoon and hopefully I'll be able to rip out 2-3 laps on the race course and be able to dial my gearing in since each lap opens with a 20 minute climb, switchbacking up to the top of the mountain. I can't remember if I've ever done it on a single speed before but I'm sure it'll hurt.


Wheels said...

15 hour weeks to 6 hour weeks; let's call it tapering.

rick is! said...

more like amputating