Monday, August 03, 2009

Now That was Fun

Over the weekend, the whole fam packed up and headed to Near Canadia (aka Presque Isle) for a weekend of camping, bike riding and racing and I'm happy to report that we were successful on all of those fronts. The drive to the venue took us about 5 hours, or roughly how long it would take to drive to Connecticut. And, just as a reminder, we never left the state of Maine.

the thousand mile stare after 4 hours of driving in the rain...
The town is so close to Canada that it even has a Canadian name. Anyway, we got there Friday evening and set up camp in the rain. Thankfully, the camping gods have a sense of humor because literally as we were just finishing with the tent the rain stopped but at least it never returned for the rest of the weekend.

yay for sun!

The race venue was having a fat tire festival all weekend and involved the xc race sunday, kids races, bike demo's, a downhill (more like mountain cross) race and a mtb biathalon. My interest was piqued when I saw folks practicing shooting in the hours leading up to the event. Back in my young'un days I used to hunt deer and shot a fair amount but I was never what you would consider a marksman and preferred to make up for my lack of skill with sheer volumes of lead. It worked for me at the time but did nothing to prepare me for the accuracy required to shoot a 1.8" black target at 160 ft. Of my ten practice shots I only hit four targets. That didn't bode well for the race since each missed target meant an extra lap around the lodge. By comparison, Marcy and my buddy Kevin each shot as well and Marcy easily beat me by hitting (I think) 8 out of 10 and Kevin roughly the same. Thankfully, as you have all likely figured out by now since you read this blog, I have no problem making an ass of myself for blog fodder or to just pass time so I was still game for the three lap, two shooting stage event.

Unfortunately, I forgot the camera today so you'll have to wait til tomorrow to see how we did.

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Wheels said...

That does look like fun. Glad the series had a good weekend.