Tuesday, June 23, 2009


As the spring has turned into (a soggy) summer and I continue to push my "real" training out week by week I've begun to wonder just how committed I am to racing this season. There's no question that I'll race, the real question is, am I going to be able to mentally give it my 100%? Well, over the weekend I got my answer. Marcy and I had a B free evening on Saturday and decided to head to the apartment at work to spend the evening where it is dry and slug free. While there, I had one (5 or 6) too many beers so a plan was hatched to finally wax my legs for the season. Marcy did the honors this year mostly because she likes to inflict pain on me. Halfway through the whole ordeal, we called it a night after having clipped and waxed only one leg. So, there's your answer, I'm 50% committed.

Marcy actually read the instructions first. That's a woman for ya.


get ready!

this was supposed to be an action shot but I was too focused on screaming to focus on focusing.

tah dah!
In case you're wondering, today (four days later) the left leg is still hairy. I think I've found a new fashion statement.


the original big ring said...

I ain't doing it. I refuse to.

Can't convince you to saddle up the ss and join me at the 101 sufferfest?


Mike J said...

Holy Crap!!!! Not for me.

rick is! said...

big ring: I would like to but I just don't see it happening this year. my schedule is a beyoutch!

mike: once you pass out it's not so bad.

Wheels said...

How would a 50% bikini wax look? Finish the job. At least you'll look 100% pro.

rick is! said...

red and swollen is my guess. oh wait, that's how it usually looks.

Jason said...

I think there could be a Blogger Shock Off between you and Original Big Ring. It would be huge.

rick is! said...

wait, are we talking about the bikini wax or the 101? I think the bikini wax would be less painful.

mainevelophile said...

This is precisely why I prefer shaving to waxing. Inflict pain ON the bike, not OFF it!!