Friday, May 29, 2009

Dozens + 1

As I mentioned the other day, I now have literally dozens of route options when mountain biking to work and over the weekend, while on a roundabout, try to link stuff together type ride I found yet another good mountain bike option to work which effectively avoids the big, nasty, unclimbable climb at the beginning of my commute. It forces me to ride a bit more on the road and I miss some nice singletrack but it sure will be nice to skip that climb on occasion (like I did on Tuesday).

Are you tired of me talking about my commute yet? Yeah, me too. What I'd love to talk about instead is the new Salsa Selma attached to my roof rack. Unfortunately though, it's not on my rack yet and I'm not sure when it will be. As I mentioned yesterday, bikeman is swamped and despite having some pull there, I can't exactly make time magically appear. As a compromise, I've asked Al to just get the headset pressed, ebb in and brakes mounted and I'd screw the rest of it up myself. That's one thing I CAN do. Give me a six pack, some tools and a partially assembled bike and in a few hours time you'll have six empties, a few less tools (always seem to lose a few) AND a partially assembled bike that is marginally rideable. Once again, pray for me.
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Wheels said...

I'm praying for your sanity.

rick is! said...

too late for that...