Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Setting the Bar

Last weekend, in order to fit a ride into my busy (and amazingly important) schedule I decided to ride to the property on Sunday morning. In order to ride (and still keep the house shit rolling) I had to stop at the office to pick up one of my finish nailers. I strapped it to the exterior of my already fully loaded BD1 thusly:

Not exactly the most secure load for ripping up singletrack but since I was only taking it for a 6 mile road ride I figured things would be A-OK. And it was. Once to the property I did the whole layout the pile of shit I carried thing that I so enjoy to do and you are left with this:

Lemme see, we have the already mentioned finish nailer, a box of finish nails, pair of work pants and long underwear, two long sleeve shirts, boxers, wallet, belt, wallet, redsox hat, tool hook and most importantly 1 dozen easter eggs to hide before B showed up to do her easter egg hunt.


Anonymous said...

NICE FLLW mouse pad.

Your diligent pursuit of getting a ride worked in is motivatin for this old architect, former medium fast cat 4, house builder. Your house design &%$# awesome.


Laps said...

Love the fully loaded commute, and the easter eggs are a nice touch. That Ergon bag has some serious room.

rick is! said...

barkeater, nice spotting of the frankie w mousepad. doesn't belong to me though.

George, the bag is pretty roomy for a "small" pack. it is significantly smaller than their others.