Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's ours!

We finally signed all the paperwork and handed over a fat check so that we can now call 17.5 acres of beautiful, varied terrain ours. Marcy has already gone about setting some rules on what I can and can't do with the property. First and foremost is that I can have one loop trail and one connector. I told her we'd have to discuss this issue further. To prepare for the discussion I did a couple of diagrams. Option 1 is what Marcy wants. Option 2 is what I want. I don't think we're too far apart here.

Option 1.

Option 2.

6 comments: said...

Nice piece of land. 17 Acres, that means you can hunt on it! set up a nice skeet range etc.. Or, a bunch of bike trails, either one would be pretty sweet.
I am sure you could get IMBA out ther to help with some trail building!

Hilton Meyer said...

She'll definitely have no problem with your idea. There only seem to be one or two extra turns in there.

Wheels said...

What about Option 3:
Super D course!

Marcy said...

And the house goes where?

Wheels said...

You mean the starting house with gates and everything, right?! Yeah, top of the hill!

rick is! said...

there marcy goes, getting all pragmatic on us. I'm sure there'll be room to squeeze in a house between corners 8 & 9.

Wheels, there isn't quite enough elevation gain for super D but we could set up a killer bmx course!