Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter XC short recap

Today is the short version. MAYBE tomorrow I'll have the real recap.

Fri night ice crit:
Course: figure 8
Result: Set up well in third place coming out of final corner but did a near 180 coming out of corner because I got on the gas too soon and had to lay down a mean sprint to salvage 3rd.

Saturday race:
Course: 30 loop on "groomed" snowmobile trails.
Result: Trails were groomed Friday night but by Saturday morning they were chewed up severly by snomobiles making riding downright brutal. From the start it was clear that the snowbikes had a major upper hand with the added floatation of 4" wide tires (or a ski in front in one case). I fought, stumbled, walked and finessed my way to 4th place on the day (after two pugsley's and a ski bike) and 3rd place overall for the weekend (first ss but they didn't have an ss class so that is more a matter of pride than anything else).

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bikemike said...

Nice job!!!

rick is! said...

thanks, it was good to get some real effort in after months of base work.

Andy said...

off and flying!
first race of the year,
well done.

I imagine that it was Brook Sctachard ripping on the ski? guy's got a motor!

3 months of base!
holy crap
I better catch up quick.

rick is! said...

yeah, I think that was him. I almost had him (we swapped spots back and forth in the last half) but he nipped me by a couple of minutes in the end.

not really 3 months of base I guess, just three months of easy riding. I haven't actually started 'training' yet.

Wheels said...

Sweet. Way to grind it out. Looking forward to the detailed report, minus the heat in the toaster details!

bikemike said...

You guys are scaring me taling about base mileage/easy riding. Fisher 29er comes in next week, new Trek road in a few also.