Monday, February 18, 2008

why I haven't been blogging

well, lets start with the good ole standbye. work is killing me, I have an 18 month project that I'm expected to pull out of my ass in about 9 months. Good fun. Then, add on the fact that we've been figuring out financing, contracts etc etc on the land we're buying for the last couple of weeks. Last but not least, I've added hours to my work schedule (as if I wasn't stressed enough) to help pay for said land acquisition. This is a suckfest in some regards but it's nice to have a way to pay for the land without bankrupting the family and in the long run it'll be best for the whole family even if it stinks rotten road apples right now.

So, quick post right now and if I get a chance for a lunch break today I'll write my Winter Challenge report.

Last three days in 64 words.

Saturday: 2:30 studded ss road grindage with tempo intervals
Sunday: aborted snowshoe, pilates, 1:10 trainer, cyclo-core, stretch, start getting training plan together for 08, get ok from wifey to buy one of Lynda's training plans.
Monday: commute in the rain. Test the Ergon BD1's rain cover buy stuffing a roll of architectural drawings underneath it. 1 hour in mist/rain and the drawings are bone dry.

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Jason said...

Well at LEAST you have a good reason mister!! Sounds like the land deal is gonna be sweet in the long run for you all. Good luck man. 17.5 acres sounds freaking sweet!

Did you see the pic of your mug on Bike 29? Nice.