Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday spin

I promise that I'm working on my Winter XC race report. I really am, I've been running it through my head multiple times but the problem is that I have a ton to write about the race and little time to actually write. Hence the installments. I still need another day or so to pull it together so here's a quickie from my ride yesterday (much rather ride than write I guess).

Hit the local snowmobile trails yesterday for 2:45 of touch and go mushy riding. It's pretty amazing, before the Winter XC I would have never finished this ride on the trails because they were tough to ride but when you've spent 4:23 on the nightmare conditions that were the Winter XC, these conditions seemed trivial. In the end I was only able to pull off 20 miles in that time which included probably 1/2 hour of road at various points. Slow going indeed.

The only time I could take pics was when walking because the going was so sketchy. Take your hands off the bar and you'd end up face first in the snow.

Almost looks like I'm riding...

Powder on top of smooth as glass ice. If I had my studs this would have been no prob but I was running the Rampages for extra float. Despite being uber careful I still ended up doing snow angles a couple of times. To the delight of all the ice fisherman of course. Awkward!

This trail was actually a short bit of paradise since it was a slight downhill most of the way meaning I could let the bike find its way and I was just along for the ride.
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