Friday, February 29, 2008

enough already

Not to sound like a broken record but I've been stinking busy lately. The good news is that while I haven't had much time to write, I have been able to work much, spend family time, squeeze some riding in, work on the design of our new house and finalize the deal to make the land ours. Stressful but good times.

Future house site, view from the living/dining to ledge outcropping.

View from living room to the south.

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Wheels said...

I can see the singletrack weaving around the tress and over rocks now!

Hilton Meyer said...

I agree with wheels. there is some definite ST potential to the south.

rick is! said...

while we were hiking the property this weekend Marcy told me I was only "allowed" one perimeter loop and one cross trail. I told her we'd see... I'm thinking more along the lines of the trails beside Maine Sport. 17 acres should produce a few miles of trail I'd think!