Wednesday, February 13, 2008

brokeback mountain biking

I don't have time for a full race report for the 30 miler today so you get this instead.

If you've been reading this blog recently, you know that my plan was to do the Friday night crit, sleep in the back of the Element and then get up and do the 30 miler on Saturday morning. When I originally hatched that plan I was going over on my own so the car camping seemed like a good way to save money. When Steve was brought into the mix it still seemed doable. Right up until we got ready for the Friday night race. After the freezing shimmy into our kits and getting the bikes ready the back of the element looked like a dirty bomb had gone off in the back. There was no freakin way we could fit all of our junk and ourselves in the back of that rig. We quickly decided that it would be best to just split a room and put the whole Brokeback issue to rest.


Jason said...

That's it we're done! Sleezy motel rooms? Brokeback??? We'll always have State College ;)

Good move on the room. I think you would have ended up a frozen mess for the race.


rick is! said...

sorry jason, I didn't mean to two time you. I'll make it up to you promise. wanna snuggle?

Jason said...

mentally. we just did.

Wheels said...

Good call because one of you would have wound up dead a couple years later, mixing medications with EPO.